Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
Yoast SEO 16.4

Edwin is a strategic content specialist. Before joining Yoast, he honed his skills at the leading web design magazine of the Netherlands for many years.

Over the years, we have talked a lot about the importance of readable texts. We want to give everyone a chance to understand the message you are trying to convey. That’s why we invest so much in our language tools, such as the readability analysis and our word form function. For Yoast SEO 16.4 we bring these tools to a new language: Czech.

Readability analysis and word forms

Online content does not have to be complex. To make it understandable is opening up your content to an even larger audience. On top of that, search engines can better understand your content if you keep it nice and straight. Even with all the recent advances in natural language processing, it is easy to produce easy-to-read content.

Yoast SEO helps you produce quality and accessible content. Our writing aids and readability analysis give you tips to improve your writing to make it easier to achieve those goals. Our analysis works for most languages, but we need to tailor some parts of the readability analysis to each specific language. We now support fifteen languages, but today we add the sixteenth: Czech!

People who write in the Czech language can now use the complete set of readability tools in Yoast SEO, including the word forms attribute. This Premium feature makes analysis much smarter by understanding the grammatical forms of your focus keyword.

Yoast SEO Premium recognizes not only singular and plurals, but also tenses of verbs. It recognizes the singular: “dog” and it also recognizes the plural: “dogs”. It also recognizes different tenses of verbs, such as ‘call’, ‘call’, ‘call’, and ‘called’. And it adjusts your keyword optimization tracks accordingly. On top of that, you also get the chance to add related keywords and synonyms na u pos.

It provides a much more natural way to optimize your text. Optimizing your text has never been so much fun!

A smarter analysis in Yoast SEO Premium?

Yoast SEO Premium has a smart content analysis it helps you take your content to the next level!

A more effective content analysis

As you may know, we launched our content analysis five years ago with great success. In the years that followed, we continued to develop the analysis to make it smarter and understand more languages. We also added great features, such as grammatical form support that we talked about earlier.

This of course includes all costs. At some point, you need to take a good look at what you have built over time and find out if there are ways to improve it. We have reached the limits of what is possible within the current architecture. Our linguist is back to the drawing board to rebuild the entire analysis.

The result is great. Since we have rewritten everything, the analysis takes up much less space resulting in smaller file size for plugging. Previously, all the languages ​​we offer were downloaded at once, while you may only need the language in which you are writing. With this version we have split it and downloaded only your preferred language. We keep our plugin size so low, and you do not have to download things you do not need.

Thanks to this refurbishment, we are ready to kick-start the development of our language tools in a higher gear. Stay tuned for more!

Update to Yoast SEO 16.4 now

Yoast SEO 16.4 has a rewritten content analysis, plus a newly supported language: Czech. People writing in this language can now make full use of their tools to improve their content. We hope you enjoy this update!

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