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How to Copy and Paste on Mac and Between Apple Devices

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Copying and pasting may be the most common operations when we use computers since it’s very frequent to copy or move a file from one location to another. Of course, we can finish the operations easily with several clicks or shortcuts. But if you are a new Mac user, you may find it will be a little difficult to how to copy and paste on Mac.

Actually, for the keyboard shortcuts, there are some differences between Windows and Mac. So, you may be confused when you are trying to copy/cut and paste on Mac. Don’t worry. In this article, we are going to introduce how to copy and paste on Mac. Please keep reading.

Section 1: How to Copy and Paste on Mac

Way 1. Copy and Paste by Mouse or Touchpad

Situation 1: Copy and Paste a Single File

① Select the file needing to be copied.

② Click Edit on top menu bar and choose Copy.

③ Go to the destination to store the file.

④ Click Edit again and choose Paste.


Situation 2: Copy and Paste a Part of a File

① Open the target file or folder.

② Select the items you want to copy with cursor.

③ Click Edit on menu bar and select Copy option.

④ Then, go to the target destination. Click Edit and select Paste.

Situation 3: Copy and Paste via Context Menu

① Select the target file or folder.

② Press Control and click the file at the same time.

③ Choose Copy or Duplicate from context menu.

④ Move to the new destination.

⑤ Click File > Duplicate to paste it.

Situation 4: Copy and Paste without Formatting

① Select the target file and press Control.

② At the same time, click the file and hit Copy or Duplicate.

③ Go to the new destination.

④ Click Edit > Paste and Match Formatting.

Way 2. Copy and Paste by Keyboard Shortcuts

① Choose the file needing to be copied.

② Press Command + C buttons simultaneously.

③ Go to the place where you want to keep the duplicated file.

④ Press Command + V together to paste it.

Copy and Paste without Formatting

Generally, during the process of copying and pasting, file will maintain its original style. However, if the file style doesn’t fit for the new storage place, you can follow this guide to copy and paste it.

① Find and highlight the target file.

② Enter the destination where the duplicated file will be pasted.

③ Press Command + Option + Shift + V buttons together. Then, the file can fit the style of the destination.

Way 3. Copy and Paste by Dragging and Dropping

① Select the target file and press Option.

② At the same time, click and hold the content to drag it to the new destination.

③ Release mouse and Option to drop it.

Section 2: How to Copy and Paste between Apple Devices

If you have other Apple devices except for Mac, you can also copy and paste images, videos or text between them by making use of the Universal Clipboard feature, which is available not only Mac, but iPhone, iPad and iPod touch if it meets the Continuity system requirements.

How to Set up Universal Clipboard

1. Log in iCloud on all the Apple devices with the same Apple ID.

2. Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the Apple devices.

3. Enable Handoff feature on these devices.

Steps to Check Handoff on MacBook:

① Click Apple menu and choose System Preferences.

② Check if Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices is enabled.

Steps to Check Handoff on Removable Apple Devices:

① Open Settings on Apple devices.

② Select General > AirPlay & Handoff.

③ Make sure Handoff option is enabled.

Section 3: How to Recover Lost Data on Mac

Unfortunately, what if you deleted some important files on Mac when you copy and paste carelessly? Take it easy. You won’t lose them since you can utilize a professional Mac data recovery program to recover the lost or deleted files. Here comes the tutorial with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery.

Firstly, download this software from MiniTool official website. Then, install it on your Mac.

Secondly, launch the software. Choose Undelete Recovery to begin on the main interface.

Thirdly, select a partition from the disk map to scan by clicking Scan.

Fourthly, the scanning process will last for minutes. When the process ends, open the results to browse. Pick out the needed items to recover and click Save. Choose a proper location to store the selected items.

Pay Attention: You’d better not save the selected files to the original drive to avoid data overwritten.

Final Words

Now, you may know how to copy and paste on Mac with different methods and how to copy and paste files between Apple devices. Even if data get lost from Mac, you can recover it easily with MiniTool software. So, please share this post with more friends if it is useful.