Wed. May 12th, 2021

My primary assignment in the company is to needed products like purchase gold dust which is used for the production of luxury and customized tiles.

My name is Raelyn Walter from Ohio USA, Presently I live in Ukraine and I work in a private ceramics company in Kiev Ukraine.

We normally import the gold dust from Russia at the rate of $40,000 per kilo but recently the government has placed an embargo against goods importation from Russia to Ukraine due to the conflict in the region.

Currently, our company is running out of gold dust and my boss has instructed me to buy 200kg of gold dust but we can’t buy it from Russia, so my boss suggested that we should buy it from another region. In the process of conducting research, I found a gold mining company in Oman that is selling one kilogram(1kg) of gold dust for $25,000 only.

I have visited the gold merchant in Oman and I confirmed that the quality is very good. In fact, I am still here in Oman and I am sending you this message from my hotel room in Muscat Oman.

I was amazed that I got the gold dust at a cheaper price in Oman, But I don’t want to inform my boss about the new price in Oman because I want to make a profit in this transaction. My boss has already budgeted $8,000,000 to buy200kg at the rate of $40,000 per kilo while the gold merchant in Oman is ready to supply 200kg for $5,000,000 at the rate of $25,000 per kilo and That means I will profit $3,000,000 in the transaction.

I contacted you to be my partner in this transaction because my boss has agreed to transfer payment for me to buy the gold dust but he requested to communicate with the gold merchant for price negotiation before sending payment to purchase the 200kg.

My worries are that I don’t want my boss to communicate with the merchant in Oman because he will tell my boss that the price is $25,000 per kilo and I will benefit nothing.

In this regard, I want you to communicate with my boss as the gold merchant and you will tell him that the price for 1kg of gold dust is $40,000 and the total price for 200kg is $8,000,000 (Eight Million Dollars) I know you are not living in Oman but your location doesn’t matter in this business because you can tell my boss that you traveled outside Oman for a business trip but your colleagues Oman can supply the goods.

As soon as you communicate with my boss, He will be convinced to transfer the sum of $8,000,000 to me and I will use $5,000,000 to buy the 200kg. After the transaction, it will remain $3,000,000 which You and I will share 50/50 equal.

This is all about my business proposal and there is no risk involved, so kindly let me know your opinion before we proceed.

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