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spy phone app

Spy Phone App tracks the GPS, Contacts and Apps that are introduced on the telephone. This free form permits you to introduce the covert agent phone application on up to a sum of 5 PDAs. You can sign in and see the information day in and day out from you private control board for nothing. We will be before long adding Geo Fencing to the application which will allow you to set up geographic regions on a guide. In the event that the telephone leaves that territory you can know and contact your family to perceive any reason why.

Spy Phone App is Free. Simple to Use.

This Official Version is definitely not a secret application. You will tell any individual who Spy Phone App wherein this application is introduced on that the application is on the telephone. You should tell them that their area, web and other movement from the phone is recorded and put away. You can just introduce application on telephone you own or you have acquired authorization structure the proprietor of the telephone to introduce the application.

Use Spy Phone App to look after your Family

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Similarity with Android Phones

Similarity with iOS Phones

Tracks GPS, Contacts and Apps that have been introduced on the telephone Panic Button and Lost Phone Feature

Why You should utilize Spy Phone App

Spy Phone App can be utilized from various perspectives to help you look after your youngsters and family. You can get to your control board at every minute of every day to see your data about your friends and family. With every one of the perils in our new Internet Centric world you can utilize our application to help you better monitor your family and friends and family. With Geo Fencing (Coming Soon) you set boundaries on where your kids ought to be and in the event that they cross out of that space you will be informed.


I’m inconceivably content with your application. I like having all my family’s telephones on one record. I can see where they are doing the day. That way I realize they are no wandering into territories they ought not be going. I additionally like the possibility that it is a free application which is amazingly useful in the present difficult occasions. We need to realize what kids’ identity is are managing as that is the place where a ton of children get their awful aims from. From Contacts I know who their companions truly are as my youngsters stay on the telephone the entire day and it is their help to the world.


I needed to thank you for giving this application to families like our own free of charge. This application comes in incredibly supportive in monitoring my two kids. They will be before long be going to High School and where about them consistently. I can monitor what they are introducing on their telephones and who their companions are which is something all families need. It is fascinating to follow the kid as they go during their time as you do see things you could never consider that children do. Things are a variety of structure when I was growing up.


Digital Bullying is a major issue around there. We have found out about kids who have been influenced by it. We would prefer not to see our children hurt today and later on by this noxious demonstration. That is the reason we put Spy Phone App on our telephone so we can continue following what our children are doing. We need to know where they go the entire day and who they are spending time with. The things they do today could return to hurt them very much into their prospects. We need to ensure our kids are secured overall quite well. You’re the best.

It is safe to say that you are stressed over your kid’s or teenager’s cell phone exercises? Is it accurate to say that you are worried about the possibility that that your youngster may get to wrong material, trade dubious calls and messages or become a casualty of provocation or tormenting when utilizing his/her Smartphone? In the event that you addressed yes to every one of these inquiries, you should attempt Spy Phone App a definitive youngster insurance programming ideal for checking significant exercises of your kid’s Smartphone.

It is a reality The most recent Generation of (iOS and Android) cell phones have become a fundamental piece of our kids’ and adolescents’ lives. The normal kid more than 5 uses a Smartphone to speak with loved ones, mess around, access the web for instructive or diversion purposes, and a large group of other helpful exercises that don’t put your kid in danger; However, sometimes cell phones can be unsafe for your kid’s wellbeing, yet different issues too – numerous children either abuse their cell phones and access wrong material without their folks’ endorsement or put themselves in danger without monitoring the possible threats. Throughout the most recent 10 years, there are many revealed records of kids who fall casualties of Cyberbullying by their friends or talk unwittingly with pedophiles and other perilous people who are looking to exploit your kids’ guiltless nature to fulfill their wiped out and strange necessities. login: Login · Download for free Spapp Monitoring on the phone that you want to monitor. · Register your account when you install the app.
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how to uninstall hidden spy phone app

Go to Android Settings – Application Manager, find the you want to App uninstall. The name may be masked. You should know what’s the real name before trying to uninstall it. Factory reset of the Android device will remove all the apps installed.

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