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7 steps to record yourself and communicate better

7 steps to record yourself and communicate better . We communicate constantly, with our gestures, with our words, with pauses or with the tone of voice.

We communicate constantly, with our gestures, with our words, with pauses or with the tone of voice. It is usual that before a job interview, a talk or an important presentation, we prepare the possible answers to the questions that we are asked, that we write a script or that we prepare an impeccable presentation, however, most of the time, we forget to that in any act of communication, what is going to impact our audience the most is not “what” we say, but “how” we say it.

 In addition, when we address a person or an audience that we do not know, it is common for us to get nervous, and with nerves on the surface it is more difficult to control our non-verbal language. For this reason, recording ourselves on video giving the speech, the talk or answering the questions of a possible interview, in addition to helping us correct small errors, will help us gain confidence by seeing that we are capable of doing it and very well.

7 steps to record yourself and communicate better

1. Prepare a script or prepare the questions that are usually asked in job interviews. In these articles we explain how to create an impeccable elevator pitch , how to succeed with your presentation or how to anticipate interview questions .

2. Rehearse. To be able to be with public. You do not have to memorize everything, but rehearsing it will help you improve the weak points of your speech, so that you do not forget anything or not go around the bush.

3. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in . The perfect thing would be that at the time of recording you wear the same clothes that you are going to wear in the interview or in the presentation. If a shoe squeezes us or touches our shirt, it is easy for us to make gestures of discomfort when we are nervous.

4. Record yourself.

5. Analyze your intervention . What does your body language convey , security? nervousness? Do you hesitate or do you go straight to the point? Ask a trusted person to watch the video and tell you what they think you do very well and what they think you could improve.

6. Record yourself again when you have polished your speech.

7. Congratulate yourself on all that you have improved.

Recording yourself on video will help you see how others are going to see you, and although many people do not like to see themselves on video, it is a very useful tool when it comes to improving our communication, discovering our strengths and enhancing them and camouflaging the weak ones. Go! Good luck with your recording.

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